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PO Box 1253
Manado 95000
North Sulawesi - Indonesia
Phone: (+62) 431 857637

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North Sulawesi has an abundance and variety of accommodation and facilities available to meet the needs of travelers from backpackers and budget class to four-star resorts. The natural wonders of North Sulawesi make it well suited to both organized and adventure travel. The full spectrum of scuba diving activities is available in North Sulawesi. The diving ranges from the magnificent coral gardens of Bunaken Marine Park and Bangka Strait to the walls of fishes and underwater volcanoes of the Sangihe Islands to the unusual and rarely seen critters of Lembeh Strait. Land-based activities focus on rain forest hiking in Tangkoko Nature Reserve (home to the largest concentration of black crested macaques and the world's smallest primate, the tarsier) and Dumoga Bone National Park (home to the fabled babirusa pig deer), along with viewing scenic waterfalls, volcano climbing and river rafting and even golf. Exploring the Tomohon/Tondano highlands area, rice paddies, coconut plantations and flower gardens rounds out the activities.

Perhaps North Sulawesi's most valuable asset is its genuinely friendly and open people. For your next holiday, come visit the smiles of Sulawesi - you won't be sorry.

Diving in North Sulawesi
Diving in North Sulawesi
Dive the clear waters, steep walls and world-class coral gardens of Bunaken Marine Park. Visit Bangka Strait for an encounter with whales, manta rays and other pelagics. Sail to the Sangihe Islands and dive in search of a sunken city, through walls of fishes or on an underwater volcano. Explore Lembeh Strait and discover its rare and unusual marine life and WWII shipwrecks. Whether you are a novice or an expert, we have the diving for you.

Culture in North Sulawesi
Culture in North Sulawesi
Visit the highland towns of Tomohon and Tondano. Clove and coconut plantations, rice paddies and flower gardens fill our highlands with the same beauty and serenity found in our smiling people. Visit a small pottery village and a Chinese Buddhist Temple. Pack a lunch and hike to a mountain waterfall. Enjoy a soak in one of our hot springs. Overnight at a cottage on Lake Tondano. Relax in the peaceful atmosphere and cool mountain air, far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Adventure in North Sulawesi
Adventure in North Sulawesi
Climb to the rim of a steaming volcano. Raft down one of our whitewater rivers. Trek through our majestic Asian rainforest. See the world's largest concentration of black crested macaques and glimpse a tarsier, the world's smallest primate, at Tangkoko Nature Reserve. Visit Dumoga Bone National Park where you can search for the fabled babirusa pig deer. Take a 3-day overland trip to the rainforests of Central Sulawesi.

We are waiting for you in Paradise!

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