Discover the breathtaking beauty and adventure that awaits you at Mount Mahawu! Ascend to the summit and be mesmerized by the stunning emerald crater lake and lush green landscapes.
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Mahawu Volcano Trek

The scenery of Mount Mahawu
A cabbage patch in Mahawu, North Sulawesi
Welcome to Mahawu Mountain, also known as Mahawu Gate

Detailed description

Mount Mahawu, in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, is an awe-inspiring stratovolcano located east of the Mount Lokon-Mount Empung volcanic complex. From a distance, you can enjoy the stunning view of Manado Tua Island and nearby islands that appear to float in the expansive Sulawesi Sea. The crater of Mount Mahawu is 180 meters wide and 140 meters deep, featuring two pyroclastic cones on its northern slope, with the summit rising to 1,311 meters above sea level. Unlike many other volcanoes with sandy tops, Mount Mahawu boasts a lush, green summit teeming with vegetation. At the peak, you’ll witness a dreamy white cloud cover and a breathtaking landscape, along with a small protected forest adorned with colorful flowers. During your journey to Mount Mahawu, you’ll be treated to views of horticultural plantations that are equally enchanting. The vibrant greens of the crops beautifully complement the fertile brown soil, creating a striking natural beauty.


  • Great for hiking
  • Short Trek
  • Photographers’ heaven
  • Ecotourism
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