Discover the beauty of nature as you pedal along and feel the fresh breeze in your hair while also having the chance to meet and interact with friendly locals along the way.
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Tondano Fun Cycling

Portrait of Benteng Moraya, a Historical Monument of the Minahasa People's Struggle in Tondano
Cycling through Tondano and stopping by the Tondano Lake
Exploring Tondano by bike and interacting with local people

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An unforgettable experience awaits you, where a tranquil lake rests inside the Tondano caldera. This stunning lake is surrounded by lush nature and provides a picturesque backdrop for all cyclists. With its clear, refreshing waters, Lake Tondano is a paradise for those who love cycling in a breathtaking setting. Along the lake’s peaceful shores, we witness the unique way of life of local fishermen living in rustic huts on stilts. They work diligently, casting their nets into the pristine waters to catch their daily fish.


  • Tondano Lake
  • Ecotourism
  • Forests & Nature Trails
  • City Parks
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