Tunan Waterfall, is located in Talawan Village within the North Minahasa Regency (Minut) of North Sulawesi.
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Tunan Waterfall

Tunan Waterfall in North Sulawesi
The path to Tunan Waterfall
A closer view at Tunan Waterfall

Detailed description

Tunan Waterfall is only about 25 minutes from Manado International Airport. This destination offers a wonderful option when you’re uncertain about discovering tourist spots in North Sulawesi. It’s reachable by an easy 15 minute walk in on a paved sidewalk from the parking lot. The 40m waterfall is surrounded by lush green vegetation. Listening to the monotonous sound of the waterfall will make you relaxed. Suggestion – wear sneakers or hiking boots as it can be quite slippery (maybe bring a change of clothes, t-shirt and shorts– toilets are available). Be ready for lots of wind blown spray as the force of the water is pretty intense, causing the mist to pretty much cover everything and everyone.


  • Scenic Beauty
  • Tranquil Setting
  • Refreshing Waters
  • Adventure Opportunity
  • Local Culture
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