The Islands

Bunaken National Park

Manado Tua

This imposing island of 800 meters height is the main island of the Bunaken Marine Park. There is a hiking path to the top which takes several hours to climb, and offers a spectacular view of all the islands of Manado Bay. Superb for diving and snorkeling.


Known for its remarkable marine biodiversity and pristine natural beauty, Bunaken Island has become a mecca for divers and nature enthusiasts from around the world.

Visitors to Bunaken are treated to crystal-clear waters teeming with a stunning array of marine life. The underwater world here is a diver’s dream, with vibrant coral reefs, colorful fish species, sea turtles, and even the occasional sighting of dolphins and sharks. The island’s diverse dive sites cater to all levels of experience, making it an ideal destination for both beginners and seasoned divers.


This island is comprised of many white sandy beaches. Good diving for experienced divers, but good snorkeling for all. To those who feel the need to escape from civilization, this tranquil place offers a pleasant opportunity for relaxing and sunbathing.


This lesser visited island consists of mostly mangrove forests with a few sleepy villages dotting the landscape.


One of the higher islands (139 meters), but with some of the park’s smallest footprints, Naeng offers spectacular reefs. There is a good chance to spot hammerhead sharks off the coast.

Lembeh Strait


Over on North Sulawesi’s east coast, Lembeh island offers very little in terms of tourism. All the resorts on and near it are exclusively offering diving in the Lembeh Strait, which is famous for muck diving above the black volcanic sand bottoms.

Bangka Archipelago


Bangka is known for its unspoiled beaches and dive tourism. It belongs administratively to the district of East Likupang in the North Minahasa regencyNorth Sulawesi province. The island has three main coastal villages: Lihunu, Kahuku, and Libas.


Bangka’s sister in the archipelago is hardly ever visited by tourists, and no resorts or hotels exist there.


This is the smallest of the 3 main islands in the Archipelago, and with that an exclusive dive retreat.

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