North Sulawesi’s Cities


Manado offers a variety of terrain with hills, volcanic mountains and scenic plateaus.

It is estimated that Manado was inhabited in the 16th century and was called “Wenang”. Later, in 1623 the name was changed to “Manado”. Influenced by the foreign occupation, the culture reflects the outside influence. Urbanization of the people from Sangihe Talaud, Bolaang Mongondow, Gorontalo and Minahasa has resulted in a diverse population and culture.

Manado’s population is 342,264 people (1996). There are many places of interest in and around the city.


Tomohon is a picturesque town located in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. Nestled in the Minahasa Highlands, it boasts stunning natural beauty with lush landscapes and volcanoes. Known for its distinctive culture, Tomohon is famous for its traditional houses, culinary delights, and the annual Flower Festival. This charming town offers visitors a glimpse into local traditions and a serene escape into nature, making it a popular destination for those seeking both cultural experiences and outdoor adventures.


The city of Bitung is located on the northern coast of Sulawesi, approximately 47 km from Manado. Its land mass covers a total area of 30,400 Ha with a population of 118,633 people (1996). Bitung is a signifigant commercial port in Eastern Indonesia and as well a tourist gateway. The port is well equipped with a pier capable of accomodating modern cruise ships. A major asset for Bitung is the Lembeh Strait and Lembeh Island which acts as a natural shield protecting Bitung from wind and rough seas. It is believed that the name “Bitung”, was taken from th

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